Using Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Marketing Industry

Using Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Marketing Industry
October 27, 2021 / by atishapptware in AI In Digital Marketing

Today we’ll talk about yet another advancement in the field of artificial intelligence, which is one of my favourite topics.

AI is present everywhere and is disrupting things at a much faster rate. AI and its benefits are now being seen in every corner of the globe. This is an excellent time to implement AI and expand our business. It has the potential to be used for advertising, distribution, and digital/content marketing. Today, among many such use cases, I would like to discuss how AI will disrupt digital/content marketing.

Many of you have probably seen the latest advertisement by Cadbury, in which India’s biggest brand ambassador promotes local businesses, which are the backbone of the Indian economy. If you haven’t already done so, here  the link:

He is encouraging people to buy from local vendors. The great thing about this advertisement is that they used artificial intelligence/machine learning to recreate Shahrukh Khan face and voice to take the local vendor’s name in their advertisements, which is something that local business owners would never have thought of.

Imagine making thousands of customised videos – you’d need to hire a studio, a camera, lighting, and editing, and even if you were able to pay for all of that, could you afford to pay The Sharukh Khan for each and every customised video?

The overall process appears to be overwhelming, but thanks to AI, you can eliminate the entire expensive and time-consuming process and generate customised videos based on your needs.

So, how does it work? Let’s see

It has two aspects:

1. The points on SRK’s face seen in the above image are converted into numeric data, which is then used as input for deep neural networks. In layman’s terms, this algorithm learns how his eyes, lips, and chin all work together to change his expression with each word. Once trained, the model attempts to recreate a new facial expression for each new word.

2. Text-to-speech engines with AI voice cloning is being used to generate a local vendor’s name in SDKs voice. Check this link to learn more about how AI voice cloning works:

There are currently many text generation models available for use in the digital/content marketing industry, where we only need to enter the first few words/sentences and AI will generate creative content of the desired length.

Don’t be surprised if you see fully AI-enabled content generation (audio/video/text) in the coming years.

In a nutshell, we can apply AI benefits to a wide range of industries, including finance, marketing, human resources, manufacturing, and telecommunications.

Apptware’s AI solutions are designed to enable new competencies and growth, facilitate new ways of working, and promote game-changing innovations throughout the product lifecycle. They also provide insights from a large and diversified data flow, assist quick and effective decision-making with powerful AI and ML algorithms, and integrate easily into our client’s systems and processes to enhance business adoption.


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