To transform our interactions, our team uses the power
of technology and the aesthetics of design.


The 4 Day Sprint

A design Sprints is a 4-day hackathon for digital products – taking you from ideation to insights. Here’s a quick summary of the workshops & activities throughout the four days:

Answers To
Your Questions

Can we take a tour of your corporate office?
Of course! Apptware has an open-door policy for clients. We encourage all prospective partners to visit our office at Pune. You call to schedule ahead, and we will give you a tour.
How will you keep my company’s data safe and protected?
We understand the importance of data protection and security of clients; hence, we take every possible measure to safeguard it. We regularly audit data security and access structure to ensure that only the authorised person is handling data.
What is your response time?
Apptware team always tries to resolve issues as soon as possible. Our team is always available irrespective of time zone. Depending on the severity of the client’s issue, we do not rest until the issue is fully resolved. Our goal is to build robust and proactive IT infrastructure to minimize disruptions and downtime.
What if we already have an inhouse IT team ?
Our Apptware developer team can always effectively collaborate with your in-house IT team and work toward the objective.
Can the Apptware team come to my office?
Yes, If required, our team can visit your office and have face-to-face discussions related to issues, requirements, feedback, etc.
How much can Apptware service cost?
The cost factor depends upon the level of services you want to opt for. We have a different framework for different service levels. But, of course, you can always discuss this with our Sales Team in detail.
Can Apptware create a custom offering for my business?
Yes, we can. You can always speak to our Sales Team about your requirements. We offer end-to-end IT solutions to our clients.
What industries do you serve?
Apptware serves businesses from all sizes and different industries like healthcare, finance, banking, education, etc.