Radiology in Healthcare and AI innovations

September 9, 2021 / by Harish Rohokale in Artificial intelligence

In continuation of my previous post on AI and Big Data, I thought I’d share four ways AI is transforming the Radiology sector today.

1. Identifying and prioritizing workflow inconsistencies

Radiologists analyze medical images using their extensive knowledge, expertise, and keen eye. Artificial intelligence has shown some promise in the detection of possible abnormalities in medical imaging.

It’s not a diagnostic tool, but it can be used to organize and prioritize images to improve a radiologist’s workflow. Using AI to help radiologists categorize images or draw their attention to images that are particularly worrisome can help them make better use of their valuable time.

2. Identifying and responding to emergencies

Triage assistance was needed in many places during the Covid epidemic, especially in the early months, when healthcare staff were still learning how to detect and treat Covid.

Imaging — particularly chest x-rays — proved to be a helpful approach for spotting troublesome signs in hospitals and clinics inundated with Covid patients.

This requirement led healthcare firms to repurpose their AI-powered chest x-ray technology to look for indicators of Covid, allowing overburdened frontline practitioners throughout the world to better handle cases.

3. Improving access to care in marginalized communities

It’s not uncommon for medical imaging to be delayed due to hospital closures in rural areas and a dearth of specialists across nations.  With limited resources, artificial intelligence (AI) provides a lifeline for these regions. The use of artificial intelligence tools that can scan images and indicate those that appear to be abnormal can assist radiologists to prioritize images that may require more immediate attention.

Radiology images that are identified by the application can even be forwarded automatically through email to an outside radiologist.

4. Enabling convenient image sharing among experts and patients.

Have you ever been asked for copies of your previous scans? As a result of artificial intelligence, it’s now possible to do away with this time-consuming approach of physically sharing images. Utilizing new technology, radiology departments are increasingly exchanging images online making it easier for radiologists, healthcare professionals and patients.

Hence, investing in cloud platforms makes commercial sense since artificial intelligence (AI) will only become more widespread. Apptware offers the expertise to help the healthcare sector make the transition to cloud-based solutions. Please contact me if you’d like to learn more.


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