Predictive Modeling Services

Predictive Modeling Services Predictive Modeling Services

Predictive analytics services can assist you in gaining a predictive edge

    <p style="padding-left: 80px;">Predictive analysis/modeling aids in making predictions based on historical data. Apptware, a predictive analytics firm, offers analytics services in India, the United States, and Australia, assisting in the prediction of the future and the implementation of appropriate actions.</p>      
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Custom Predictive Analytics Application Development:

Apptware can create a unique predictive analytic application to meet the demands of your organisation. The predictive application anticipates business results and customer behaviour, allowing you to design a series of anticipated actions.

Cloud-Based Predictive Analytics Development:

Cloud-based predictive application development services assist your company in increasing prediction speed, scale, and flexibility. Furthermore, cloud power allows you to simply expand and modify throughput.

How predictive analytics is beneficial to your business

Dynamic Recommendation System : 

A powerful recommendation engine system enables businesses to give a customised experience and offer to their customers. Furthermore, suitable recommendations boost customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Demand Forecasting : 

Predictive Analytics will assist you in maintaining an optimal inventory and lowering storage costs, hence enhancing efficiency. Apptware creates custom demand forecasting models that interpret and evaluate past data as well as internal and external factors in order to estimate future demand.

Reduce Customer Churn : 

“Acquiring a new client is anywhere from five to twenty-five times more expensive than maintaining an existing one,” according to Harvard Business Review. As a result, developing strategies for client churn and retention is critical. Predictive analytics apps employ customer history data to predict when customers are most likely to churn.

Why choose Apptware for predictive modeling?

Models that focus on outcomes: 

Apptware is constantly searching for approaches to enhance and fine-tune the prediction model to make it more accurate.

Upgradeable predictive models: 

Our predictive analytics consultancy and application are designed to interact with your existing software infrastructure and to be readily upgraded with new capabilities.

Proven track record: 

We have successfully curated AI and automation solutions for all major sectors. As a result, firms will be able to meet their business objectives.

Predictive analytical solutions for every industry

Each industry faces unique obstacles. Predictive analytics has a wide range of applications.


Predictive modelling analyses consumer sentiment to provide insight into purchasing behaviour and trends, demographic data, inventory forecasting, and so on.


In healthcare, predictive analytics aids in the prediction and prevention of illnesses, and establishing links between data aids in the analysis of infectious diseases like as covid.

Financial institutions:

Predictive modelling allows financial institutions to anticipate fraud early on, forecast credit ratings, and offer suitable financial products to customers.