Backend Development Services

Backend Development Services Backend Development Services

Power back-end of software infrastructure

    <p style="font-family: Avenir LT Std "><p style="padding-left: 40px;">Backend is the most important part of services. Though it's not visible to your customer, back-end software serves as a backbone to your software.  </p>

At Apptware, we offer high-end back-end services to different industries and organizations with cutting edge technolgy stacks. We believe in developing a back-end that works flawlessly, gives your business a competitive advantage and delivers a superior advantage to your customers.   

Our back-end services

1)Mobile back-end development : 
  At Apptware, our expert back-end development team designs and develops back-ends for different applications with various scale-like enterprise-level apps, smart wearables devices, multimedia applications, Etc.  Our team manages the user experience by synchronizing across multiple devices and platforms by implementing an agile back-end. Our scalable solutions are capable of meeting the growing demand, performing fast, secure.
2) Back-end development for a front-end app: 
Do you have a front-end ready but need support for the back end?  
 Apptware support and develop superior back-end for your front-end application. 
3) IoT Back Ends
Our Apptwae back-end helps you build IoT back-end systems that help you manage IoT devices, optimize workflows, and operate IoT systems efficiently.

Why choose us Aptpware

 Latest technologies : 
We assure smooth back-end development for each of our clients. Our development used advanced and tested technologies and carried out constant testing.  
Secure & reliable back-ends: 
Our back-end solutions are secure and reliable to ensure secure transmit data between different system components or apps. 
The transparent and collaborative development process 
We understand that transparency and communication are important for building superior products. Our experienced and certified project manager and developers understand your inputs, collaborate with your team effectively, and ensure we meet milestones while keeping in the loop.  

Back-end technologies we use

Apptware has a team of developers expert in technologies and tools used to best back-end solutions. We follow the latest technology and best practices to deliver highly functional back-end software.
Technologies that we use include:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript 
  • MySQL
  • .NET Framework
  • Node.js
  • C#
  • PHP
  • Oracle 
  • Spring Boot Framework and Cloud support
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