It was the time when he thought of making it happen from dreams to reality. Of course the journey was not going to be easy but he was ready for it, sleepless nights accompanied with lots of negative thoughts giving a chill effect of positivity at the end made him distraught.

Mark Fitzpatrick

2016 marked to be the starting of the Apptware Era as he started working part time for one of the customer cum friend (Mark Fitzpatrick, Founder and CEO of YOUnite) who helped Apptware come into existence by showing faith in his work. His work gave them the confidence of expanding the team size from almost 1 to 4. They all too worked part time and gave their best to make the base strong so that it would sustain for long. 

This show(part time) continued till November 2018 and came to an end with the thoughts of making it happen. Cafe became the first shelter for Apptware and later on they moved it to a small commercial space where they(he and his friend) hired 1 fresher and later on the journey began to grow from 1 to now 50+. 

Becoming or Taking Apptware from 1 to 50+ was not that easy for him. His passion and dedication of making his dream come true did not give him a chance to fail in any ways. Making the business grow was the biggest challenge he faced at this time. Making his business circle positive has taken his life out of him but he never gave up on it. Some of the business rejection never took him to failure rather than made him more aggressive to achieve the same by his skills and they had to come in his bucket in the end(He is stubborn fellow). 

As if it was all planned in his destiny there came a time when his family grew from 2 to 3(Happy moment) and he was busy in setting up Apptware but as always he turned to be a hero there as well by managing it in a best way. How can one be so perfect? Hats off.

The intuition was not very much planned but everyone’s efforts are taking Apptware to get listed in the top most startups in India. As much I have seen that the 3D’s(Dedication, Determination and Discipline) can literally make a success if touched up with true guidance and support is seen in the employees of Apptware. Everyone here thinks it of their own and work which gives a positive result on their performance. No one is born perfect, there are some flaws in everybody but letting them know and making them perfect is the USP of Apptware. The 100 hands of Apptware give him confidence to expand his limits from technical sides and now in design sides as well.

Apptware presents its work in a unique way which erose the client to extend the engagement,

This is the trust Apptware has gained. And this has all become possible with the help of our leadership team who is totally focused on delivering the tasks on time, quality and it made a very trustworthy factor to expand the business. Apptware believes in

  • Pixel perfect work
  • Time management
  • Next Gen Development
  • Best code practices
  • On time delivery
  • Trust factor in code security
  • Introduce the employees with new technologies
  • Fun Factors

The current economic conditions have made a big impact on the IT industry. Many of the employees are being laid off due to no fundings and low demand for the products which has an indirect impact on the services as well. Apptware in this condition has a good hold on the business and employees as well. Taking all issues into consideration Apptware came to the conclusion that if either the business is impacted there will be no lay off, rather the employees are introduced to new technologies and have started developing the inhouse product which gave a ray of hope to the employees. It is the upgradation time for the generation due to pandemic as everyone is in demand of online services which has become a plus part for the service companies. E-commerce has taken a boom in this situation as this will help all small scale industries to move for online business and help us(service companies) survive. 

This is what all I have seen Apptware grow upto. And I hope everyone here will support in every means to lead the race.

Lastly would like to introduce the he, him, his person of the para none other than the CEO and Founder of Apptware Mr. Harish Rohokale who now is an inspiration to everyone working with him.

Harish Rohokale

Kudos Sir.

I hope you really go through the virtual sight of Apptware after reading this which will make a good impression for me as a content writer for now.

-Diksha Rohokale


    • Vishnu

    • / June 4, 2020

    Your story motivate me to do well every day.

    • Bharat

    • / June 7, 2020

    Best of luck Harish
    Keep it up

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