Apptware COVID-19 Updates

Apptware COVID-19 Updates
May 30, 2020 / by Harish Rohokale in Apptware Updates, COVID-19

Hi All,

Hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and keeping healthy during such unprecedented times. We would like to share how Apptware is progressing during this lockdown.


Like many other organizations, Apptware has also been adversely impacted due to COVID-19. Few projects went on hold, while few others stopped the engagement as they wanted to wait and see the economic impact of the situation.

We had planned our new office launch in March with an aim to provide better infrastructure and state of the art facilities to our employees. Our plans got delayed due to the sudden lockdown announced in India in the 3rd week of March. All of us at Apptware are eagerly waiting to shift in to our new home. 

That said, Apptware is still growing, starting some new projects and planning in-house product development to ensure we are able to save jobs as our employees are our most important assets. 


During lockdown we continue to deliver our services successfully to our business partners through the below foundation:

  • Well executed Agile oriented Delivery
  • Defined Apptware Best Practises which helped us to maintain consistency across all projects
  • Seamless communication using tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, and Emails
  • Daily Meetings/Sync-Up with clients
  • Weekly Status Report
  • Timely Customer Feedback
  • Good Infrastructure setup
  • Weekly trainings in latest technologies
  • Motivating sessions
  • Great support from IT team
  • Continue to have fun

Along with project deliverables we have kept our employees engaged by providing them training in latest technologies, assignments, POCs, having mock interviews, upskilling sessions, etc. to ensure optimum utilisation of their time.

WFH (Work From Home):

We have seen WFH (Work From Home) facilities have been helping us to keep our employees more flexible in terms of their availability, working late night to have a good overlap with overseas clients, infact WFH has seen a rise in employee efficiency as they are working from the comforts of their home – reduced travel time being one of the major contributors. 

Initially we faced some challenges to enable everyone working remotely. Challenges were mostly about Infrastructure setup (VPN, Internet, Laptops Accessories, etc.), but our admin team responded swiftly and did an excellent job in ensuring everyone has the required hardware setup enabling BAU.


Apptware learnt how to fight during such situations where everyone started ceasing/holding the engagement not because of our performance but because of these unforeseen times that have dawned upon us.

Current Company Status:

Apptware grew to 53 team members in 1.5 years, serving 13 customers across 2 continents. We hired 5 new team members during COVID-19 which includes 2 Architects and 3 Python developers. We are currently on the lookout for 5 Java developers, 3 Machine Learning, 2 Python, 2 Flutter and 1 UX designer.

We Are Proud To Say That We Are Self-Funded And We Will Be Growing With One Goal in mind – Customer Excellence!

Apptware – Work from home during COVID-19

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